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Dive into the buffet!

Each section has a unique group of talented vendors, including zinesters, artists & small presses. Be sure to check them all out!

Illustrations by Meegan Lim @meeganlim
Friends & Food

Bento Books

Chamomile Press

Crafty Croutons

Ginny F Books

Distro Bistro

Glacier Bay Books

Fry Fest

Good Luck Press

Ravioli Revolution

Group of 7 Comics

Spicy Cui-Zine

Haley Boros

Sweet Weirdoughs

Chamomile Press

Canzine Events

Chamomile Press

The Seneca Pond

Chamomile Press

Broken Pencil Magazine

Chamomile Press

Celebrating our 25th anniversary

Chamomile Press

Zine Awards Store